Thursday, 2 April 2009

Clean Energy

While the Tata Nano is making waves in India and across the Global Auto world for its smart design and affordability. However, the larger issue of energy conservation, environment pollution and smarter use of clean energy still remain.

In this context it is worthwhile to note the "Clean Energy for a Smarter Planet" initiative launched by IBM worldwide. IBM and Harvard University, Dept of Chemistry and chemical biology have joined hands on the Clean Energy Project. What really makes this initiative smart is the effective contribution of the World Community Grid members across the world!

World Community Grid simply uses the downtime of computers across the globe to add power to Research projects like the Harvard University clean energy project and other life saving research.

Check out this YouTube Link for an overview of this smart collaboration of IBM and some of worlds best researchers around the world to fight global warming and create cleaner and greener environment for all

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