Monday, 29 June 2009

Best corporate citizens 2009

The acclaimed and trusted Corporate citizenship survey 2009 conducted by CRO is out. IBM tops the list of computer hardware companies at no. 3 in the list of top 100 best corporate citizens. Symantec tops the list for computer software development companies at no.23. The full list and the survey methodology could be accessed from:

Once again, feedback is divided on this compilation with many people taking exception to CRO covering only big companies and leaving out efforts of smaller companies. Any thoughts on how small companies could get their voices heard?

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

CSR makes business sense even during economic recession

Does CSR make business sense in this time of Economic Recession. Yes is the reaffirming answer from corporates across India. Many companies continue without any apparent cutbacks on CSR events and activities. In fact sustainability the core of Community development has become the mantra of companies doing business in these tough times.

Express computer on 22nd June had this article which analyze the CSR scenario against the backdrop of relentless downturn. It is heartening to note that India INC is tightening their purse strings rather than their heart strings.

You can read the full article here:

Thursday, 11 June 2009

IT Companies gear up on CSR front

Corporate Social Responsibility is slowly but surely getting its due importance in technology companies scheme of things. A recent article in dataquest, India Chicken Soup for IT, vividly describes several efforts by Indian and MNC IT companies.

The CSR article talks about IT companies partnership with NGOs and their work in the education sector. It is heart warming to note many Indian companies taking the lead and setting the trend in improving quality access to education. MNCs like CISCO, Microsoft and IBM in their own way also have been going it alone to work on various education projects.

While many of these CSR projects are in collaboration with NGOs, IBM is perhaps the only IT MNC that has partnered with Govt. Depts and working on a very large scale "Reinventing Education Project" Check out the Dataquest article for more details.