Friday, 20 February 2009

Business Govt. Partnership to solve Urban Problems

When we think of CSR, usually we think about rural poor and how CSR policies and programs have transformed rural communities. However, today's increasingly urbanized world, CSR initiatives could be an effective way to tackle the burgeoning urban chaos and pollution. Traffic congestion is one problem that every metro in every part of the world is struggling

It is common knowledge that congested roadways cost billions of dollars annually in form of sheer number of hours lost in waiting for the traffic to clear, and several billions of gallons of wasted fuel and not to mention the increased emissions from the idling vehicles!

Just like the successful partnerships that corporates have forged with NGOs and Govt. sector in rural areas, businesses should join hands with Govt. and NGOs that work on alleviating urban problems. I am yet to come across a CSR initiative that has addressed the urban problem of traffic congestion and the related pollution.

Readers who know of good CSR initiatives targeting urban problems, please share your views.

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