Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Business NGO partnership gets a boost in 2010

At the dawn of a New Year, we have some great news on CSR front. In a recent survey by Industry body ASSOCHAM, 70 % of companies prefer to work with NGOs to implement CSR projects. This is a trend that has been growing in the last few years and hopefully will usher in the much needed professionalism and transparency in the discharge of public and community service.

The survey also noted that 58% of companies preferred to work directly with Govt. departments. This is a revelation as many companies shy away from directly partnering with Government for development projects. It is highly likely that even in this scenario, companies still rely on NGO skills and knowledge in project implementation.

Overall, it is a win-win situation and many NGOs are happy to partner with companies as their more traditional sources of funding through donor agencies had dried up. NGOs need to gear up to make the maximum use of this growing trend


  1. Its indeed a great news...for all the NGOs...who really want to make a diffrence to the development world...

    but reality also reflects a diffrent scenario...NGOs still do not feel the essence of partnering with the corporates as they are quite lethargic in their approach...

    Most of the NGOs shy away from building a partnership due to deadlines, results and effective management of the resources and demand of work...

    its quite sad as when donors are cutting down their cost, it is seen as a threat to NGOs rather then thinking it as an opportunity for partnering with corporates...

  2. Thanks Rashmi for your thoughtful comments. As you say, NGOs should look at this as an opportunity and really should gear up to become more professional in their approach. How many NGOs have gone ahead and implemented a quality system like ISO? food for thought for NGOs in this New Year!

  3. This is good news, I work for an NGO called CSO Partners which focuses on developing NGOs in functional areas like Credibility, Financial Management, Fund Raising etc... We conduct workshop on these areas and provide consultancy services through our partners.

    We have also noted that for NGOs the concept of credibility, FM, Governance etc does not seem so very important. They feel that if they work with a good attitude and objectives it's enough. There are numerous NGOs in India which provide little or no impact on the society. I think corporate involvement would improve funcational aspects of NGOs and set the course for healthy competetion.
    Please visit our website on www.csopartners.org.in

  4. It is important for the NGOs to think innovatively and not become backdoor entities for either laundering funds or front runners for political leaders who find this an excellent opportunity to procure funds legally from listed tax paying corporates which bypasses scrutiny of statutory auditors.
    PSU funds in India run this kind of risk more as they have been directed to apportion a percentage of their profits towards CSR activities through NGOs only. The Government of India definitely needs to rethink and keep tabs on the outcome of such efforts.